08 Oct 2019 in Body Corporate by Phil Doyle

Body corporate common property vs. unit owner's property

This subject creates more confusion and misunderstanding in strata property than any other subject. Basically if it is inside your unit it is the responsibility of the unit owner. If it is outside your unit then it is common property and the responsibility of the body corporate or the shared responsibility of all the owners.

However with everything there are a lot of exceptions to this. It is not possible to list and explain all the exceptions. What we can do is provide a philosophy which is a guide to how you work out who is responsible for what.

If the particular service or facility is shared then the cost is shared this includes items such as;

The plumbing and water supply. Air conditioner drains should not be confused with building plumbing, these are for individual unit’s air conditioners these pipes need to be maintained and repaired by individual owners.

The exterior of the building including the roof, walls and verandas. In most instances the front door its fixtures and the windows would be the responsibility of the body corporate. However if damage occurred to a front door or the lock due to the actions of the owner or the tenant it is reasonable they should be responsibility for this repair. In this instance the body corporate may still have a responsibility to make sure the front door is compliant with the fire regulations and painted in the correct colours or the door lock or closer is compliant with the buildings security standards.

The Strata Community of the NT has prepared a document called the Common Property Guidelines

These guidelines can assist owners and committees in determining who is responsible for what in allocating costs to the various parties.

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