07 Apr 2020 in covid19 by Phil Doyle

Chairperson zoom meeting & Zoom platform update

North Management have arranged and invited for all Chairpersons from our portfolio to a combined zoom meeting. The main objective is to allow our members to be more familiar with the zoom platform and to get a basic idea on whether each of their Committee may want to utilise this feature to assist in communication.

The zoom meeting hosted by our Managing Director Philip Doyle held on the 6th of April 2020 yielded positive result. Chairpersons ranging from large tiered body corporate to small body corporate participated in the meeting. During the meeting, Phil Doyle highlighted the benefit of virtual meetings and ways on how this platform can become a core feature in facilitating committee discussions during this global turmoil.

With Zoom’s popularity skyrocketed in recent months, tech industry have been scrutinising all aspect of the platform as there are concerns relating to privacy and security of the software. Following an increase in reports of vulnerabilities and bugs Zoom have come out with an acknowledgement in their blog post and another update in this post. Zoom have iterated that they are committed in addressing all the issues that have been brought forward and with that they have suspended any development of new features for 90-days to focus on addressing all concerns voiced by the global community.

North Management acknowledge that there will be members that may be concerned in relation to all the media coverage of Zoom’s scrutinies. North Management is actively monitoring the changes that are occurring to Zoom platform. There are already evidence that Zoom is trying their best in addressing all these issues, and North Management will always put our members’ safety and well-being first. Currently we are ensuring that all our Strata Managers are aware of all the appropriate settings when scheduling meetings to protect our staff as well as our body corporate members while still also facilitating all of our Body Corporate meeting needs.

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