25 Mar 2020 in by Phil Doyle

Dealing with disputes relating to maintenance of the Body Corporate

There will be times where disputes occur between owners in a Body Corporate. North Management has demonstrated recently that NTCAT is able to successfully provide mediation between parties disputing access relating to the maintenance of the property.

An owner had reported a water leak affecting their unit, upon further investigation it was found that to determine the cause and complete rectification, access to unit above was required. Upon notification to the owner of unit above, access was not granted, with various reasons provided by the owner. North Management attempted to accommodate requirements put forth by the owner of unit above, however, agreement for access to the unit was not achieved.

Due to the urgency of repairs needed, an emergency NTCAT order was lodged to assist in granting access to mitigate further damage that may be sustained to the unit or Body Corporate if repair was not completed expeditiously.

Upon the conclusion of the hearing, access to unit was granted for repairs to be completed. The emergency NTCAT order was lodged on a Thursday and hearing was granted on Friday with conclusion that access was granted for the weekend as required by the owner of unit above. NTCAT advised further hearings can be accommodated in case either parties have further concerns to be raised if required.

North Management would like to highlight the availability of NTCAT in providing assistance in ensuring both parties’ requirements are met. Upon the completion of repairs, both parties confirmed no further hearing was required and the case was closed.

If you are facing a similar situation in your Body Corporate and would like to discuss this further. Please don’t hesitate to contact North Management team via 08 8981 3788 or please email us at [email protected]

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