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Update Summary

North Management always work to our best abilities to ensure our members are provided with the best service possible. The past few weeks have seen challenges arising in several areas of Strata Management. To keep our members updated with North Managements procedures and processes, we have prepared a short list below, detailing the main changes to our systems and processes. We will continue to keep members updated as necessary.

Meetings – Physical (in-person) meetings are no longer being held in the North Management Office. North Management have recently invested in Zoom software, which allows us to host virtual meetings as necessary. Zoom provides members with the opportunity to dial-in to meetings or be present via webcam/voice-chat. So far, we have held both committee meetings and AGM's using the Zoom software. These meetings were run smoothly with minimal or no interruptions. Some members were facing difficulty with technology, however, these issues are being resolved as they arise, ensuring our members can present themselves at meeting where necessary.

Contact & Communication – North Management is making every effort possible to keep our members updated on both the Covid-19 situation, and how it may/does affect their Body Corporate. This is done through the use of our email notices.

Budgets & Financials – One of the bigger concerns arising in some of our Body Corporates is the topic of budgets and financials. We understand that some members will be facing financial hardship during the Covid-19 pandemic. With that, North Management are in discussion with our Committees, regarding Cash flow for the Body Corporate, as well as reductions on expenditure for the fiscal security of their Body Corporate. Changes to financial and budgets will vary from each Body Corporate, based on the requirements and hardships faced by the Body Corporates individually. We are assisting Members facing financial hardship on a case-by-case basis alongside our respective Committees.

Committee Members – Currently, most of our Committees are faced with some of the most important and difficult decisions to make. Several committees have been inundated with current issues and we are working alongside these committees to ensure all issues are being resolved in as timely a manner as possible. We appreciate all members patience and understanding during these difficult times.

Strata Managers – North Management staff are now fully equipped to work from home, continuing operation under any further Government lock-downs/restrictions. This involves use of internal communication software between North Management Staff, as well as the use of the Zoom software for meetings with our committees and members.

Cleaning & Hygiene – Our Caretakers have been equipped with the necessary tools to ensure routine cleaning and disinfections of high-traffic areas and surfaces throughout our buildings. We have also been approached by multiple cleaning/disinfection companies, offering their routine services for our Body Corporates. This information has been passed on to our Committees for review with the Strata Manager, and North Management will arrange as instructed by the Committees.

We request all members assist us during this pandemic, by maintaining as much communication as possible. Where possible, we request members continue regular Levy Payments, as these are vital for your Body Corporate to continue to operate and function at its best capability. Members can access the Owners portal to access documents such as House Rules/By-Laws, AGM Minutes, Committee Meeting minutes and other important documents. For any members who have changed contact details, we request that you provide us with the most up-to-date contact information for you, so we can ensure you are kept updated with issues relating to your Body Corporate through this difficult times.

Living in or owning a unit within an apartment complex during this time will be challenging for everyone involved. Please be as compassionate, patient and respectful with everyone, to help maintain a safe and peaceful environment in you complex.

If you have any queries relating to Covid-19, please visit the NT Government information page at www.coronavirus.nt.gov.au

Should you have any queries relating to your complex please contact [email protected]

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