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Take a proactive approach to maintaining the mechanical and electrical equipment in your building.

Asset Management for Darwin Body Corporates

Body corporate committees should have a documented strategy to manage and maintain key assets within the building. Key facilities, such as elevators, pumps and other mechanical and electrical systems, must be professionally maintained.

Left unattended, building assets can develop faults that affect the proper function of the building, represent a safety risk, and can lead to significant costs.

How does asset management work? video

How does asset management work?

Taking a proactive approach, our team can implement asset management and maintenance practices, plans, processes and procedures for your body corporate. This provides the committee with accurate information to inventory assets, plan and track maintenance, and budget and forecast costs across the lifecycle of equipment.

Wharf One, Darwin Waterfront

Wharf One, Darwin Waterfront

Managing a body corporate of the size and complexity of Wharf 1 requires expert assistance and advice. North Management and Phil Doyle have been able to provide that advice efficiently and effectively and are continuing to assist the body corporate committees.

Mick Caldwell Past Chair, Wharf One BC
About our asset management program video

About our asset management program

In developing and running an asset management program for your building, our team will:

  • Conduct an inventory to record installed equipment.
  • Check on-going maintenance records.
  • Review and calculate life cycle costs.
  • Set the levels of service for each asset.
  • Prepare and implement an action plan.
  • Review and monitor progress.
  • Execute long-term financial planning.
  • Produce reports on regular basis.
Asset management system video

Asset management system

Information is only useful when it’s accessible. North Management provides committees with an Asset Management System that allows them to access and review crucial data and documents 24/7 using their phone or computer.

Our management system can also send notifications when maintenance is due or a fault is detected enabling the committee and manager to take action quickly.

Ask us about developing an asset management strategy for your building.

Ask us about developing an asset management strategy for your building.

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