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North Management is a body corporate management company committed to assisting the Chairperson and their committee by providing the best possible resources, advice, and support to do the job.

You won't have a manager, you'll have a partner.

Partners first and managers second, we invest in building lasting relationships with committees to mentor and guide them in maintaining and improving the value of their property.

Transparent and honest, our processes and local knowledge keeps our team focused and your committee effective. We celebrate our clients and the amazing people we work alongside.

About us

Meet our people

We are a diverse team of specialist strata managers and support staff working together to provide the best outcome for our members. We live and work in Darwin, just like you, and believe that our ability to truly connect with the people and body corporate committees is our greatest strength.

We openly share our knowledge and expertise, continuously train ourselves and improve how we help people, and manage Darwin’s best kept buildings.

Chairperson Of The Year Award

As our clients prosper so do we. We partner with some amazing Chairpeople who work tirelessly to run effective body corporates and we love to show our recognition of their efforts whenever we can.

Each year, we host the Chairperson Of The Year award to highlight the wonderful job our Chairs perform. It’s a night of revelry and well deserved fun, and an opportunity for committees to meet each other, share stories and successes.

About us

Pinnacle Apartments, Darwin

Pinnacle Apartments, Darwin

I experience first hand the high quality level of service that North Management provide in and around our apartment complex. From the company management to Kelly, our property manager, and Garry, our caretaker, there has never been a situation where I have been told “no, I can’t do that for you”.

David Burke Chair of Pinnacle Apartments BC

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