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What is body corporate responsibility for air-conditioning units and maintenance?

It is the apartment owners’ responsibility to ensure the air conditioning systems are maintained, cleaned and regularly serviced. Some occupants have blockages, drains overflowing and freezing up due to the incorrect use or lack of maintenance to the systems resulting in excess moisture and ceiling plaster damage.

In the event that damage is caused to the common property due to the failure of a unit owner to regularly maintain their unit’s air-conditioning drainage, any repairs and the cost of those repairs will be the responsibility of the owner. Further to this, if an owner fails to carry out such repairs the body corporate will carry out the repairs and bill the unit owner for the costs involved.

If the unit owner knows the original installer of the air-conditioning systems it is recommended that these installers are used to provide any maintenance work and annual servicing. Operators other than the original installer may be unfamiliar with the system’s set up and unable to effectively access and clean the system. Owners and property managers are requested to take serious note of this information. It would be wise to assess whether your apartment’s air-conditioning system is due for a clean and service prior to each wet season.

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