02 Apr 2020 in covid19 by Phil Doyle

Zoom - Online communication platform

With the ongoing efforts to support the Government in practicing physical distancing to fight the spread of COVID-19, North Management have started implementing procedures and processes to ensure service continuity to all of our members are maintained. Our office remains closed for the time being and keys access for members and contractors are arranged via telephone or email. North Management acknowledges the need to ensure communication between strata managers and committees stays open, to this end North Management have started adopting Zoom online conferencing platform for our meeting needs.

Zoom is an online service geared towards individuals with communication requirements that can be conducted over plethora of devices including mobile phone, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. All that is required is an internet connection and an invitation to the zoom meeting. There are a few options as to how members can utilise this service :

  • Dial-in - Members who are more comfortable with dialing a phone number can attend meetings via a land line number. This would appear as though it is a teleconference
  • Zoom on Browser - Members who are comfortable with using zoom on their browser can attend meetings straight from the browser. This option is only available for meeting specifically with this setting enabled
  • Zoom application on Desktop - Zoom meeting software can be installed on your desktop computer however please bear in mind, most desktop does not have a dedicated camera and microphone for videoconferencing. Additional equipment will be required (i.e. dedicated Webcam device)
  • Zoom application on Laptops - Zoom meeting software is also available for laptops, most laptops will have built-in webcam and microphone to allow seamless configuration for zoom meetings.
  • Zoom native apps on iOS & Android - Zoom meeting app is also available on both mobile platform respective app store. for members with an iPhone they can install the app through App Store and for members with an Android device can find the app on the Google Play Store

To get started with Zoom, members can refer to the tutorial page. Zoom allows for members who are curious about their setup to test via this link to confirm whether their audio and video will work as intended for the meeting. As the popularity of Zoom have skyrocketed in recent months, the number of zoom meetings shared across all industries will surely increase at a rapid pace. North Management encourages all of our members to at least be familiar at zoom meetings to ensure in the event zoom meetings required for your Body Corporate, members are familiar with the platform.

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